Galaxy Note 5- How to use the Scroll Capture Feature?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


To use Scroll capture feature, follow the steps below:


      1. When there is content you want to capture, open the

          Air command panel and tap Screen Write.


         The current screen is automatically captured and the editing

          toolbar appears on the screen.


      2. If you capture content that continues across multiple screens,

          such as a webpage, tap Scroll capture to capture more content.


      3. Tap Capture more, the screen will automatically scroll down

          and allow you to select Capture more again.


          When you are finished capturing, tap Done.  If you want, write a

           memo on the screenshot.


      4. Select an option to use with the screenshot.

                 (Share/  Save in Scrapbook/  Save in Gallery)


scroll capture 

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