How to configure file sharing?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


On a Windows XP-based computer, you can share files among both local and remote users. Local users log on to your computer directly through their own accounts or through a Guest account. Remote users connect to your computer over the network and access the files that are shared on your computer.


With Windows XP, you can share files and documents with other users on your computer and with other users on a network. There is a new user interface (UI) named Simple File Sharing and a new Shared Documents feature. This article describes the new file sharing UI and discusses the following topics:

    How to turn Simple File Sharing on and off.

    How to manage and configure levels of access to shares and files.

    Guidelines for file sharing in Windows XP.

    How to troubleshoot file sharing problems.

Windows XP Home Edition-based computers always have Simple File Sharing enabled.

1.  If you use Windows XP or Vista, please refer to
for XP or for Vista.

2. If a conflict occurs between Windows XP simple file sharingand the PC Streaming function of the Blu-ray Disc Player, please refer to the link below to disable simple file sharing.

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