How to do when receiving 'Capturing' and 'Processing' message while taking a photo.

Last Update date :2017.04.19


When you take a photo with DIS function, “Capturing”, “Processing” message will usually shown up.


DIS function is one of anti-shacking tools, controlled by Software Algorithms, Camera itself.

Once being set in DIS function, Take 2 photos even you press the shutter button 1 time and combine each other inside the camera, automatically.  While being  processed, you can see below images.


     In conclusion, These messages is not defective. Hence, If you don’t want to see these messages, don’t use DIS function. If you want to know more about DIS function, please refer to the below expiation.

    • Samsung Camera’s Innovation for Anti-Shacking, Dual IS. 

    • Dual Image Stabilization   eliminates the blur caused by camera shake and delivers clear, crisp images every time, even under difficult lighting situations.

    1) OIS: The best Lens Shifting Mechanisms

      Optical Image Stabilization

    2) DIS: The sophisticated algorithms controlled by Software

      Digital Image Stabilization


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