How to solve when people have red eyes in photos

Last Update date :2017.04.19


 When the portrait is taken In a dark place, usually the flash comes out. At this moment, the person or animal could have red eye. In case of compact camera with Low Light level, the red-eye effect will happen more easily.


Red Eye can be occurred because the blood vessel in one's pupil is taken The pupil is dilated in the dark and the blood vessel (which means red eye) could be taken easily when the strong light is suddenly shown. 


1. Use the Red Eye Reduction mod  in the Samsung Camera.

    Once set the “Red Eye Reduction” Mode, pre-flash fires 1 time. Then the pupil was miniature and pre-reflected. And the second flash fires. 

2. How to Fix a Red Eye Image.

    Use Samsung Master (which is bundle software) received when buying Camera.


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