How to transfer recorded videos to my computer through the DV Connection

Last Update date :2017.04.19


    • In the case of DV method of Tape camcorder, you can connect your camcorder to the PC by using IEEE 1394 cable, when you want to transfer high quality images.

    • The IEEE1394 port is the same as DV port.

[Related Symptom]

    • The image quality will not good, when you transfer the tape image by using USB of your PC.

    • There is no DV port on the PC when connect the DV port.


    • If you connect your camcorders to the PC by using USB, the high quality image files are not obtained. Quality of the transferred files may be almost like those of VHS.  
     (The transfer quality of DV is similar to SD quality.)

    • If you do not have an extension card, you can not connect the DV port.


To solve those problems. Do the following steps:

    1. Prepare the DV card and DV cable.

    2. Install the editing S/W which is enclosed with camcorder.  

    3. Insert the Tape or Memory and then enter the playback mode.

    4 .Run the editing S/W and connect the camcorder to your PC through the DV cable.

    5. Open the DV image on the editing S/W.

    [              DV port                      DV cable                        DV card of PC       ]

[Important reminders]

    • In the case of a desktop PC, you need to 4p-6p of DV cable.

    • In the case of a notebook PC, you need to 4p-4p of DV cable. 


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