How to assign the Galaxy Note 10.1 a static IP address?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

 To set up the Static IP on the Galaxy Note 10.1, please make note of the following:


  • The Device IP address
  • Your AP/router  Access Point default gateway
  • Your AP/router network prefix length (see tghe info below if you do not know this)
  • Your AP/router prefered DNS
  • Your AP/router alternate DNS


Important: The easiest way to retrieve this information is from a PC already connected to the AP/router.  Click to Start menu, type CM and press enter. Then, type 'ipconfig /all" then press enter to see the IP address, gateway, and DNS settings.


To assign the Note 10.1 with the static IP address, follow these steps:


1. Tap the Home key and then tap Apps found in the upper right corner of the Note 10.1




2. Go to Settings->Wireless and Networks->Wifi Settings




3. Tap on an available network. If you had already configured the network, tap Forget, then tap the network again to set it up.


4. When the add Wifi network dialog appears, enter the network password, then scroll down. Tap IP settings and choose Static IP.




5.  Tap one by one on each field of IP address and Gateway then input the correct settings acquired from the PC.


6. Tap Network Prefix Length and enter the appropriate info in CIDR notation. The following are the IP ranges most people will encunter using wireless routers:


  • If your IP address starts with 192.168, enter 24
  • If your IP address starts with 10.0, enter 8
  • If your IP address starts with 172.16, enter 12


7. Tap DNS1 and DNS 2 and enter the preferred/alternate DNS you want to use on the device. Tap OK to complete.



8. Tap Save.


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