I cannot find the installed appplications on my Galaxy Tab 2 7".

Last Update date :2017.04.19

NOTE: This Guide is applicable with tablets running on ICS 4 operating system.



Check if Applications are Hidden


Applications become hidden for several reasons. Here are a few steps you can take to recover lost applications.


ICS 4 has the option to disable and hide the preinstalled applications on the tablet. The applications hidden are not actually fully removed from the device's storage memory. However, it can no longer be found in the applications list of the device.



Enabling the Application/Display applications on the Applications menu list



The hidden applications can be shown by following the steps below.



1. Go to Settings->Application Manager-> Touch ALL tab.


    NOTE: Hidden applications are listed at the bottom of the list.


2.  Select the desired Applications you want to disable. At the App information screen, touch Enable.


3. The application will now appear in your Applications menu list.


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