Galaxy Note 4- What is private mode and how to use it?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


Use the Private mode to prevent others from using or accessing specific

content, such as images and documents, stored on the device. You can

activate this mode, save content to a specific location, and then deactivate private

mode to hide items securely.


Private mode is available for the applications of Gallery , Video, Music, Voice Recorder,

My files and S Note.





How to Set the Private Model?


1. On the Apps screen, tap Private mode of Settings .

    Alternatively, open the notifications panel or the quick setting panel,

    and tap Private mode to activate it.

2. Read the on-screen information and tap Next.

3. View the type of content that can be saved in private mode and read the

    on-screen information about using private mode and tap Start.

4. Set an unlock method. When this mode is activated,  private mode icon appears at

    indicator panel.


private mode set up 



5. While Private mode is enabled, select items you want to mark as Private.

6. Tap the more button and select Move to Private. These items will now

    be hidden when Private mode is disabled.

    On Hidden images through Private Mode, private icons are displayed.

    When you have selected the items to hide, on the Apps screen, tap

    Settings → Private mode, and then drag the Private mode switch to the left.

    Alternatively, open the quick setting panel and tap Private mode to deactivate it.

    The selected items will disappear from the screen.


set up 2 




7. To remove an item from Private mode, first select the items you want

    to remove from private mode.

    Then, tap the more button and select Remove from Private. The selected

    items will no longer be secured or hidden.

8. To view hidden items, on the Apps screen, tap My Files.

    If you select Private directory, all items added in private mode appear on the screen.


set up 3 


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