Why are water droplets or moisture formed on the service valves?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

Water drops or moisture can occur on the service valve because of high humidity.

[Related Symptom]
Water droplets are found on the service valves .

Humidity & Refrigerant overcharge.

Abnormal Conditions
At the out door unit, some moisture will be formed.

Moisture will be found on the suction service valve.


The reasons for moisture on the service valve are as follows:

•  High Humidity

•  Refrigerant overcharge

    1.  High Humidity – In the rainy season, the humidity level is higher than usual.
         Low temperature and high humidity can generate moisture on the service valve.

    2.  Refrigerant overcharge – Refrigerant overcharge will cause dew drops on the
         service valve and will trickle down onto the floor.


The service center can provide the proper insulation to avoid any moisture and water droplets


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