How can I improve Poor image while recording? (Blurry /Shaking clip)

Last Update date :2017.04.19


Once being focused on something, focusing points never changed in Movie Clip Mode.


If you want to improve Poor image while recording, please refer to the following cases.

1. In case of Blurry Clip

    1) If the target object has changed while recording Movie clip,Set the focus into the new target by pressed half-Sutter.

    2) If Zoom-In/Out has operated while recording Movie clip,Set the focusing point upon each zooming step manually, due to changed focus distance.

2. In case of Shacking Clip
• Before making your clip, set “OIS” function as “On”.
• How to set the OIS condition

    1) Turn on the camera.
    2) Change mode to “Movie” with Mode Dial.

    3) Press the “Menu” button, then go to “OIS” 

    4) Select “On” for using OIS function 


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