[Windows 8] Want to know about HomeSync Lite.

Last Update date :2017.04.19




HomeSync Lite allows users to use their PC as a home server.

Users can use their PC as a personal cloud, giving them the security that their

content is stored safely.





     Now let's install HomeSync Lite



Ensure that the Samsung Link app is installed on both a Samsung PC

and Samsung smartphone before installing HomeSync Lite.


Installing HomeSync Lite onthe Samsung ATIV PC


The HomeSync Lite software program comes with the

Samsung ATIV PC. If this isn’t the case, use SW Update to install

HomeSync Lite on the Samsung ATIV PC.



Installing Samsung Link on Samsung smartphones


Download Samsung Link from Play Store, and install it

on the smartphone.





    Let's start HomeSync Lite



Launch HomeSync Lite on the Samsung ATIV PC.



Provide your Samsung Account information, and log in.

If you are not a registered user, simply click Create new account,

and follow the onscreen instructions.






On the smartphone, provide the same account information that you registered

to PC HomeSync Lite under Settings → Account → Add new account.



Run Samsung Link on the smartphone.




The smartphone will be added to PC HomeSync Lite → Settings →

Device management.





Choose the device you want to access remotely, then the available contents

appear on the list. You can also play the photos or videos saved on the PC,

or upload/download the PC content to/from the smartphone.




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