Galaxy Note 4- How to use selective focus in the camera?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

Follow the steps below:



1. Tap the MODE icon to change to the Selective focus.




2. Select the Selective Focus mode


    selective focus select 


3. Tap and select the objects you want to be in focus.

    Add depth to your pictures by adjusting them so that only

    the objects you want are in focus.


    For the best results, make sure your subjects are less than 50cm

    away from you, and at least twice as far from the background. 


    focusing and capturing 


   Select the Camera button to take picture.


4. Shooting is processing and picture is taken.


    processing and picture taken 



5. Additionally, you can do refocusing through Gallery after

    shooting picture. Tap the Gallery option.


6. You can select focus which you want on taken pictures.

    Choose the Near focus or Far focus or Pan focus.

    Near Focus is basic default result which focused on near object,

    and Far Focus is objection of Near focus.

    Pan Focus is clear image focused to all range


7. If completed, select Save


    save selected focus image 

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