What to know and do when the washing machine is unleveled

Last Update date :2017.04.19


1. Front loading washers have become very popular for home use in the past few years.

They have been used for decades in the commercial environment because of their superior performance, reliability, and efficiency.      

2. Compared to top loader washers, front loader washers have crucial installation and usage procedures that MUST be followed to ensure optimum performance.

[Related Symptom]

1. Banging noise and then stopping of the spin cycle.

2. Rotation of back and forth for repositioning the load.


To solve the most common issues of front loader washers installed unleveled, please refer to the list below:

    The Washer Is Not Leveled

    An unleveled washer causes the following problems:

      - Vibrations / Noises / Extended Wash Time.

    It is normal for the washer to have some vibration between 150 and 350 RPMs, it occurs when the VRT technology attempts to dynamically balance the load.

    If the washer is not properly leveled, the VRT technology senses a severe load imbalance, and stops the spin cycle. Then, it rotates back and forth a few times to try to reposition the load.

    The washer will attempt to balance the load 3 times. Because the washer has to perform the additional steps of repositioning the load, the wash time is extended. If the VRT function can not correct the imbalance by repositioning the load, the washer displays a DC error code and discontinues the cycle. For leveling instructions, click here.

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