Water is warm

Last Update date :2017.04.19


Water tank is located at the back of lower drawer of fridge compartment which means cold water temperature must be same as fridge compartment.

When you press water lever water comes from water tank through water line at the bottom of fridge.

[Related Symptom]

Temperature inside of Fridge compartment is high.


Initial Installation of water connection

Weak Cool of Fridge compartment


If the water is not cold, you have probably use up the water in the refrigerators reservoir.

The reservoir holds about 2 liters of water and should take about 15 minutes to cool down to the refrigerators internal temperature.


There is also possibility that water remains in water hose between water tank and water dispenser.

If you just install the water connection, you need to wait few hours to cool down. Depending on the temperature, water can be lukewarm



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