Recorded movie clips are not played on the screen of my camcorder.

Last Update date :2017.04.19


    • In the case of battery discharge

    • In the case adapter’s interruption of electric power

[Related Symptom]

Movie images disappear because movie files were damaged.


Your camcorder fails to play video clips because it was turned off while being recorded. However, since video clips are automatically saved upon finishing record, your clips are stored


Check lists

    1. Over 50% of battery should remain when making a film.

    2. If you use your camcorder through an adapter, the battery should be in place.

    3. Please separate the battery from your camcorder after fully charge it. Otherwise, the camcorder might show the message of battery shortage when record, because the battery has naturally died out.

    4. If you cannot play a film because it is damaged by some reasons, please contact the A/S center.


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