Why the ODD (DVD drive)TS-L633B is not recognized, after installing Windows 7?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

This is a compatibility issue between a specific ODD (TS-L633B) and Windows 7.

    The IMSM (Intel Matrix Storage Manager) driver should be installed.

Whether the ODD is recognized is subject to the TS-L633B firmware.

    Firmware: SC00 -> Not recognized.

    Firmware: SC01 -> Recognized.

1. If Windows 7 is already installed and the ODD device is not recognized.

    Download the IMSM driver of the corresponding model for Windows 7 from the Download Center of samsung.com and install it.

    In this case, make sure to restart the system after installing the IMSM driver.

    Then upgrade the TS-L633B firmware so that there is no problem even if the computer is restored.

2. For models that do not support Windows 7, the IMSM driver of another model can be installed. (the R522 driver is recommended.)


This symptom only appears in models with an Intel main board (There is no problem with AMD main board models.)


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