What to do when I cannot receive SMS/Voice mail/MMS on my S8003?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


The GT-S8000 (Jet) handset automatically detects the strongest radio signal and maintains calls.


This may be caused by:

  • Connection failure due to drop in radio signal level measured by the device.
  • When SMS inbox is full, you must delete some text messages to receive new SMS messages.
  • Full SIM/Phone memory as MMS uses the shared memory. You must delete some MMS or other files to receive new MMS messages.


When you have difficulties with receiving SMS, MMS or Voicemail, please check the followings:

    (Caused by bad reception)

    1)  Check Idle screen display of handset

    - Name of service provider (PLMN) should be displayed properly and this matches with your SIM card provider and roaming partners

    - Signal bar should be displayed properly

    2)  Check MMS profile setting / Text Message centre menu

    - It should display profile of your SIM card provider

    3)  Check your pre-paid card balance, If you are a pre-paid SIM card user


    (Caused by memory issues)

    4)  Check the number of the text messages

    - If the number reached 200, the message box is full and you must delete some to receive new messages

    5)  Check the memory status of your device

    - If your memory is full without any free space, delete/move some MMS or other files to retrieve new MMS messages


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