Can I change the Keyboard Input options on my Samsung Galaxy S III?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

 You can change the keyboard settings on your device by opening the Notification Panel by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom.


Touch Settings img1.gif>Language and input, and touch img2.gif next to Samsung keyboard. You can also touchSettings img3.gif on the keyboard when you are entering text. You can customize the following keyboard settings:


·         Portrait keyboard types: Select from either a QWERTY or 3 x 4 keyboard when holding your device in portrait orientation.


·         Input language: Select the input languages you want your device's keyboard to support. When you select more than one language here, you can quickly switch between languages by swiping your finger across the space bar.


·         Predictive text: Touch the slider to turn predictive text On or Off. Touch Predictive text to edit the following predictive text settings:


·         Word completion: Mark this option to have your device recommend complete words based on the characters you have entered so far.


·         Word completion point: Set the number of characters that you want to enter before Word completion should offer you suggestions.


·         Spell correction: Mark this option to have your device correct misspelled words.


·         Next word prediction: Mark this option to have your device predict the next word based on what you have already typed.


·         Auto-append: Mark this option to have your device automatically add new words to your My word list. When you type a word that is not in your dictionary, you will receive suggested words that you may mean in blue, and the word you typed in white. When you meant to type the word that you entered, touch the word in white to use that word, and add it to your dictionary.


·         Auto-substitution: Mark this option to have your device suggest alternative words to those you typed.


·         Regional correction: Mark this option to have your device adjust words based on regional dialect.


·         Recapture: Mark this option to enable XT9® recommendations.


·         My word list: Shows you the list of custom words that you have added to your list. You can touch img4.gif  to manually add words to the list.


·         Auto substitution list: Shows you a list of auto substitutions that your device allows you to use when you are entering text. You can type the word in the shortcut list and your device will correct it to the substitution. You can touch img5.gifto manually add substitutions.


·         T9® Trace: When you mark this feature you can spell words by swiping your finger across the keyboard to each letter of the word.


·         Handwriting: Touch the slider to turn the handwriting feature On or Off. Touch Handwriting to edit the following settings:


·         Recognition type: Set the type of recognition that your device should use when you are inputting text using handwriting: Stroke recognition orComplete recognition.

·         Recognition time: Set the delay after you stop writing a word, before you device should begin converting your handwriting to text.

·         Pen thickness: Set the pen thickness you see in the handwriting screen.

·         Pen color: Set the color of the pen.

·         Gesture guide: View a guide of gestures that you can use during handwriting input.

·         Tutorial: View a tutorial on how to use the handwriting input feature.

·         About: View the current version of the handwriting feature installed on your device.

·         Voice input: Mark this option to add a Voice img6.gif icon to the keyboard for quick access to the Google™ Voice Typing feature.

·         Auto capitalization: Mark this option to have your device auto capitalize words at the beginning of a sentence and for proper nouns.

·         Auto-punctuate: Mark this option to have your device enter a period at the end of a sentence by touching the space bar twice.

·         Character preview: When you touch a letter, a preview of the selected letter appears making it easier to verify you are typing correctly.

·         Key-tap vibration: Mark this option to turn on haptic feedback when you are using the keyboard.

·         Key-tap sound: Mark this option to have your device play a sound when you touch a key on the keyboard.

·         Tutorial: View a tutorial on using the Samsung keyboard.

·         Reset settings: Reset the Samsung keyboard settings to their default values.





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