[270E5G / 270E5U / 450R5G / 450R5IU / 450R5G / 450R5U] Information about the power LED operation.

Last Update date :2017.04.19




Power LED:

This is the LED below the power button and which indicates the power status.






How can I see whether the battery is being charged when AC power is connected?


If the AC power is connected when the computer is turned off,

the power LED blinks for approximately 5 seconds and is then turned off.

(However, if the battery has been fully charged, the power LED will turn off

immediately after blinking.)


If the power button is pressed, the power LED is turned on. When Windows runs,

the battery charging status is displayed in the notification area.






After the computer is turned on, and the power LED blinks before Windows runs,

it indicates that the remaining battery charge is less than 10%. In this case,

connect the AC power.




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