How to connect the LED F5500 Series Smart TV to WiFi?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

Follow the steps to set up the WiFi connection.



1. Use the Remote control and press the Menu Button


2. Scroll down in the menu list displayed on the TV and select Network.




3. Scroll down to network settings, and press ENTER. 


4. With Network type highlighted, press ENTER.


network type 


Note: Change from wired to wireless


5. Select Wireless and Connect


6. Scroll to and find your Access Point name. Then highlight it and press Enter.


select access point 


7. If it is a secure connection, enter the password. Click Done upon assuring the password is entered.




8. Once a connection is established, the Network Settings Complete screen
will appear indicating you are ready to begin using your Smart TV's
Internet features.


network settings complete 





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