Why is my refrigerator making a sound?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

The following sounds produced by the refrigerator are explained below.


Bubbling Sound - The bubbling sound you hear may be normal.

It is caused by refrigerant gas moving through the pipes in your refrigerator.


Cracking And Popping Sound - This sound may be normal. It occurs when

the interior walls contract or expand as the refrigerator is cooling.


Humming Sound - The humming sound you hear is the sound of the

refrigerator compressor running. The sound is normal. You will also hear

a humming sound when the refrigerator compressor starts at the beginning

of a cooling cycle and when it shuts off. It can also be heard after getting

water from the door dispenser. The sound should not last longer than

7 seconds. Models with an inverter type compressor are designed to run

the compressor longer but at a slower speed. This saves energy by not

having to stop and start as often as traditional designs.


Beeping or Chime Sound - This is a door alarm which sounds whenever the

door is not closed completely. Make sure that door's path is free from

obstruction and no objects in the refrigerator are preventing the door from

closing. If the rubber door seals are dirty, the door will not close properly.

Clean the doors with a mild detergent.


Rattling Sound - Hinges: If you have recently removed the doors of the

refrigerator, the hinge bolts or hinge cover screws may be loose.


Snapping Sound - This sound will be heard about 4 seconds after removing

a glass from a dispenser. This is the sound of the dispenser chute closing.

Hence, this is normal.


Pop or water running sound - This can sound when the icemaker fills with water.


Loud Banging Noise - The sound of the icemaker motor can be heard cycling

just before the ice is dumped into the ice bucket.


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