Galaxy Note EDGE - What is the image clip feature of Air Command?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


Use this application to draw around an area of the screen you want to save or share.


1. Hover the pen over the screen and press the  S pen button.


    hover s pen  


2. Tap the image clip to crop and use just part of the image saved.




3. With  your S-pen, draw a closed shape around the area you want to collect.


    Draw a closed shape 



4. Tap the circle icon to transform the cutout shape to circle or oval shape.




5. Tap the square icon to reshapte the selected area into a square.




6. Tap the auto shape icon to select the best points around the image.




7. Tap on this icon to revert to the original shape drawn.


    revert back 


8. Tap the icon  icon to save your new reshaped image to scrapbook.





9. Tap on "My scrapbook" to change the category.




10. Select Category.


     select category 



11. Tap the icon to save.


     tap save icon 


12. To view the saved contents, tap Apps and tap scrapbook application.


    viewing saved contents 


13. Tap on the category icon to see your saved items and tapon the panel showing

      the image.


    category icon 


14. Your content has been saved in your category folder for latter use.


    content saved 

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