How to set up ASC (Auto Sound Calibration) function

Last Update date :2017.04.19


ASC (Auto Sound Calibration) SETUP

By setting the ASC function just once when you relocate or install the unit, you can have the unit automatically recognize the distance between speakers, levels between channels, and frequency characteristics to create a 5.1-channel sound field optimized for your environment.


    · ASC SETUP can be made when there is no disc in the unit.

    · Because the volume level of the tone is fixed during the ASC setup, you cannot adjust the volume using the volume control buttons.

    · If the auto sound microphone is disconnected during the ASC setup, the setup will be cancelled.

    · When ASC function is activated, the DSP/EQ, DOLBY PRO LOGIC ll/P. BASS sound effects will not work.


To Verify the ASC

Briefly press the ASC button.

• Distance and level values specified for each channel will appear in the display.


    1. Plug the ASC microphone into the ASC input jack.

    2. Place the ASC microphone at the listening position.

    3. Press ASC button.

    • To create the optimal 5.1 channel sound field, the

    selections are in the following sequence:

    L C R SR SL SW

    4. When the message "REMOVE MIC" appears in the display, unplug the ASC     microphone.

    • To cancel the ASC (Auto Sound Calibration) setup, press the ASC button. The test tone output stops, "CANCEL ASC" appears in the display.

    • To listen in the ASC (Auto Sound Calibration) mode, briefly press ASC button.

    The selection alternates between ASC ON and ASC OFF in the display.

    - If you select "ASC ON”, you will hear sound in the ASC mode.

    - If you select "ASC OFF”, you will hear sound in the mode set in the audio setup.



    Setting the ASC function takes about 3 minutes.


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