How to send data via the Bluetooth wireless feature?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


To send data via the Bluetooth wireless feature, you must set file transfer feature as steps below.

    1. Select ‘Start ‘ and ‘Settings’.

    2. Select ‘Network Settings’.

    3. Click ‘Bluetooth’ and choose a device that the Bluetooth is wired to.

    4. Click File Transfer and tab ‘done’.

    5. Tap ‘Menu’ and click ‘Device Service’.

    6. Click ‘ File Transfer’ option and set a ‘Shared folder’.

    7. Move to ‘File Manager’  and click ‘Bluetooth FTP’.

    8. Select a file from the designated Bluetooth FTP Folder.

    9. Go to ‘Menu’ and ‘Edit’ (Cut/Copy/Paste) to transfer the file.




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