Galaxy S3- What are the information or data does the default browser store and how can it be cleared from the device?

Last Update date :2017.04.19

The default Android browser supports caching and saving certain data points to better streamline the web browsing experience. It may be necessary to clear this history if problems are encountered while viewing webpages.


-About Cache: The browser stores web documents to reduce serving load , bandwidth, etc. The cache allows for pages to load faster. In certain circumstances, the website may be updated however the cache loads.


-About History: The browser can store a log of history of websites visited, for quick and easy access to those used websites. This log will generally populate the URL address field when input parameters start to spell a site that has been visited.


-About Cookies: The browser can store cookies which can be used as a method of authenticaton and session tracking. It also can be responsible for tracking what items may be in a shopping cart.


-About Form Data: The browser can store form data. Typically, this is data that enetered in a text field on a web page. An example of it are data you wish to provide in such information like zip code or state.


-About Location Access: The browser can store geo location data that can be used to better provide you with services.


-About Passwords: The browser can stroe passwords for quick entry into websites that require credentials.

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