How do I set up the Ultra Power Saving Mode in Galaxy Alpha?

Last Update date :2017.04.19


Ultra power saving mode saves battery power by applying a simplified grey scale theme

to your home screen and limiting the number of usable apps.


To set the Ultra Power Saving mode:


1. Pull down the status bar from the top of the screen using one fingers, and Scroll to the

right and select the Ultra power  saving mode

    pull and scroll 


2. With current battery percentage and Estimated max standby time, information popup for

Ultra power saving mode is displayed and then tap Enable.



Device will then set to Ultra power saving mode.



Alternatively, on Settings, you can activate the Ultra Power saving mode and set the details.


1. Tap Power saving mode in Settings.

2. Tap Ultra Power saving mode

3. Scroll the Ultra Power saving mode switch to the right.

4. The information popup for Ultra Power saving mode is displayed, and then tap Enable.

5. Device now set to use “Ultra Power saving mode”


enabling power saving mode 


6. If Ultra Power saving mode is enabled, the device will be set up as follows:


• Displays colors on the screen as grey tones.

• Limits access to default apps and to various other apps that can be selected

  from a list.

• Deactivates the mobile data connection when the screen turns off.

• Deactivates the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features.


On bottom screen,  remaining battery power and estimated battery running time is

displayed. The estimated maximum standby time shows the approximate amount

of time remaining while the device is not being used before the battery power runs out.


This time may vary depending on your device settings, surrounding environment,

usage patterns, and actual device usage. Basically,

in ultra power saving mode, you can launch simple call, sending message and launch

internet. Besides, you can add more apps to use.




7. Through Settings, you can set items about network connections and sound, display.

    If you want to return normal mode again, tap the Disable ultra power saving mode.


accessing upsm 


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