Smart LED Solution

Samsung LEDs create a complete platform that covers hardware to software to accelerate and shape smart homes, smart buildings and smart cities

Samsung LEDs LED lighting solution including modules, PMD, etc.

Interoperability between Diverse Smart Systems

Comprehensive compatibility for all standard communication protocols including WiFi, BLE, Zigbee and AP via cloud-based connectivity

Samsung LEDs smart city wireless communication network

Efficient Wireless Control via BLE Technology

BLE technology allows multi-paired wireless control and provides faster and secure OTA updates via mesh network

Samsung LEDs mesh network at office

UWB Sensor for

Adjustable ultra-sensitive detection capacity dramatically enhances indoor lighting management and realizes human-centric smart lighting

Samsung LEDs UWB sensor detecting human motions at office
Smart Lighting Platform

Smart Devices

Ultimate Technology
to Realize Smart Lighting Platform

Samsung LEDs provide smart devices with networking technologies completing the smart lighting solution

Samsung LEDs Smart Lighting Module SLM-D-B