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S Note

Take your PC experience to a whole new level with the S Note app. Connect your Galaxy Note with your computer for easy S Note content management on your home computer or laptop.

An image showing a user viewing S Note contents on a PC screen using the S Note app.

Manage your S Note content on PC!

Easy Sync Options

Simply log in to your Samsung or Evernote account to access S Note wherever your are. With its easy-access menu buttons, you can enjoy a range of S Note functions. Just click on the Sync icon for easy device pairing. Manage and edit S Note content with ease, even on your PC.

An image showing S Note content from a smartphone being synced to a PC.

Extra Convenience

S Note provides a number of user-friendly features for a familiar, PC-like interface. The app lets you not only copy, move and delete files, but also create new categories. Search S Note files with ease using library, bookmark and tag features. Use your Samsung or Evernote account to sync files or categories for mobile and PC access.

* Feature available for Galaxy Note 3 and subsequent models.

An image showing smartphone-created S Note files being synced to a PC.

Enhanced Tabs

Tabs allow for more productive and efficient S Note content browsing. Tab View lets you open multiple tabs on the same screen. Switch between tabs and edit your content with ease.

An image showing a range of tabs on the S Note app.

Manage/Edit More

The editing feature allows you to add images, illustrations and more to S Note files on your PC. Check your changes as they automatically update to your phone.

An image showing images inserted to a file using a PC, and the changes appearing on a synced smartphone.

Photo Editing

Edit your photos on the app using a range of tools and effects. Add photos from your PC or take a picture with your computer’s camera and insert it to your file.

An image showing a photo being inserted into an S Note file.

The minimum PC system requirements to use S Note software

The minimum PC system requirements to use S Note software
CPU Intel® Core™2 Duo or higher
RAM 2 GB or more
HDD 500 Mbytes Free space
OS Windows 7