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Dec 27, 2011

Man in office using Samsung printer

Solutions for Smart Printing—Samsung printing solutions and information management can make operations more productive. Is it enough for a printer to just print? We don’t think so. Every function is an opportunity to improve operations.

Published: September 16, 2010

Samsung printing solutions and information management integrates immediate needs with your larger mission and works in a variety of ways. From needs assessment programs and remote printer management to securing data flow, Samsung has a solution to meet every demand.

Innovative and insightful management is essential to any organization. That’s why we design printers and systems that help you push envelopes—not paper. Find out how Samsung printers do more than print on both sides of a page.

1. Common Criteria for Samsung Multifunction Printers

By establishing common evaluation requirements and standardizing methods, the Common Criteria system allows testing facilities to assess and certify IT products for use in secure environments.

2. Managed Print Solutions

CounThruTM 2 Enterprise Managed Print Solution provides the tools and access needed by IT departments to manage entire networks of enterprise printers.

3. CounThru 2 Pro

Monitor your customer’s networked enterprise printing and copying devices remotely by using a powerful graphical interface.

4. Grading and Survey Solutions

To assist in the tracking and reporting of No Child Left Behind, Samsung gives school districts the ability to manage a range of innovative Samsung devices for tracking grades and performance statistics without the need for extensive IT resources.

5. MFP Security Overview

Using guidelines from regulatory organizations, Samsung developed a set of security goals that meet the standardized requirements and needs of various industries.

6. Print Job Latency

When information security is critical, print job latency is a major issue. Samsung memory systems allow users to manage how long information is stored to keep data safe.

7. SNAP: Samsung Needs Assessment Program

SNAP experts carefully examine your digital document infrastructure, identifying the best practice solutions for your enterprise.

8. Solutions for the Federal Government

Document processing solutions help government organizations meet mandates and reduce financial and environmental costs. By enhancing productivity, government agencies can deliver new (and better) services.

9. Higher Education

Comprehensive document management solutions reduce processing costs and improve productivity, while also complying with government regulations to support the goal of achieving a “greener” campus.

10. Solutions for K-12 Education Systems

Reliable, high-quality hardware and software solutions simplify the development of test, grading, and class education materials. And a versatile and secure document device enhances communication with parents while complying with FERPA regulations.

11. State and Local Government

By reducing redundant paperwork and eliminating bottlenecks, local governments can provide better service to citizens and work more efficiently, while also complying with federal regulations.

12. Samsung Instant Fusing Technology

Innovative Instant Fusing technology (IFS) prints documents faster to retain excellent image and text quality, and reduces power consumption.