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    Digital fluency is a necessity in today’s world—how are you keeping your workforce up to date and retaining talent?


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An employee sits comfortably at home, getting work done with his tablet.
Flexible time and location management
In today’s increasingly BYOD (bring your own device) environment and flexible workplaces, employees can access training materials whenever and wherever they need to. While watching streaming materials, they can record to play back later. And video collaboration removes the need for companies to maintain physical training facilities. Security concerns can be addressed with the Samsung KNOX mobile solution which keeps devices safe and do not compromise sensitive company data.
Four employees gather in a meeting room around a large screen to video chat with an overseas coworker.
Sharing best practices globally
Whether you are communicating with experts abroad or distributing best practices from HQ to local divisions, make real-time and vivid connections with Samsung SMART signage. SMART signage unites projector, screen and whiteboard functions, allowing you to see and interact with the screen without dimming lights, and use less power. An optional touch screen allows you to interact with material without moving away. Quick and easy file sharing ensures that everyone is literally on the same page.
An employee edits a presentation while printing documents from his tablet.
A complete ecosystem
Make training more efficient and sustainable with customizable Samsung solutions. Learners can remotely access, share and collaborate using their choice of device with Samsung’s unique AllShare service, print using MobilePrint and gather in one place to share and discuss best practices, easily sharing files and communicating with Samsung SMART Signage.


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