MagicRMS Pro is a popular and effective Remote Management Software for Samsung Cloud Displays*. It saves time by allowing you to manage all your devices remotely from a centralised data centre. It includes real-time device status monitoring and the remote upgrading of firmware to all devices, making it an indispensable and efficient feature for the management of thin client networks.
* Support TC/TS/TB series only

Greater Control over Samsung Cloud Display

The MagicRMS Pro is a user-friendly Remote Management Software that features a real-time error detector and an efficient asset management system, allowing you even greater control over your Cloud Display monitors.

Manage Product Configuration

MagicRMS Pro consists of a powerful server which in turn is connected to a Console and Database. The Console allows you to manage your network monitor, whilst the Database stores all the information needed to control the monitor. The Connection Broker provides you with a management function that further increases connectivity and productivity.

Connectivity And Productivity At Its Best

The MagicRMS Pro's extensive functions are easy to deploy, and the software itself is straightforward to use, making it a vital feature that empowers your Cloud Display and lets it improve your business's connectivity and productivity.

What is VDI?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows you to gain access to secure desktop environments via a centrally managed data centre. Employees benefit from an excellent virtual desktop experience that can be remotely accessed from a broad range of authorised devices. VDI lowers costs, increases data security and control, and provides excellent support to a mobile workforce. It is ideal for both zero client and thin client configurations.

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