R01 R0101 levant 07031700 ME9114ST/XSG
  • ME9114ST 1 Front SilverME9114STPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/levant_ME9114ST-XSG_001_front_silver?$L1-Gallery$levant_ME9114ST-XSG_001_front_silver30002000370370#dbdbdb20027366
ME9114ST Front Silver

Three Waves are Better Than One

Our Triple Distribution System ensures that everything from pizza to warm milk comes out perfectly prepared and delicious every time

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Product Features

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General Information

  • 1.1 cu.ft / 32 Liter Capacity
  • Microwave
  • 10 Power Level
  • 1,000 Watts Output Power (Max)
  • 1,550 Watts Power Consumption (Microwave)
  • 230V / 50Hz Power Source
  • Ceramic Enamel
  • LED Display Type
  • Membrane Control Method
  • Push Button Type
  • Microwave Turntable
  • Countertop Micrawave Oven

General Feature

  • Various Cooking Mode available
  • 99 minutes Max Cooking Time
  • More / Less available
  • 2 stage Available
General Information
Heat Source
Power Level
Output Power (Max)
Power Consumption (Microwave)
Power Source
Cavity interior
Control method
Door opening type
Microwave distridution
General Feature
Various Cooking mode
Max Cooking time
Cooking Stages