Spend less time cooking, And less money!

Introducing the world’s first Dual Cooking by Twin Convection™, Samsung’s innovative contribution to your latest dinner party. It lets you simultaneously cook two different dishes in the same oven – with different temperatures and time settings. Whatever the menu, you can cook your meals twice as fast. Whether it’s a holiday gathering or a finicky family, Twin Convection™’s various cooking options – Dual cooking, Twin Oven, Upper Oven, Lower Oven, Single Oven – make sure you’ll never have to worry about keeping your guests waiting again.

Stylish Pop Out Dial

Our stylish pop out dial is easy to use
and easy to control.

Soft Door System

Our light weight oven door is designed for ultimate safety and reliability.It has a soft and smooth open/close feature so you don’t have to be Hercules to open the oven anymore.

Product specifications, features and physical design may differ slightly by country