The MT12 brings inventive and convenient features to your kitchen with new energy-efficient cooling technology. The Digital Inverter Compressor adjusts the temperature of the fridge based on how you use it to keep the fridge at a consistent cool temperature, lowering energy consumption. Place meat, fruits and veggies in the convenient CoolSelect Turbo compartment to keep them at their optimal temperature for the freshest taste. The MT12 makes saving energy and keeping food fresh easier than ever.

Energy efficiency that makes the grade

Samsung’s innovative Digital Inverter Compressor helps preserve your grocery items — and the environment. The Digital Inverter Compressor maintains consistent refrigerator cooling by adjusting its settings based on humidity levels and usage patterns, which saves up to 20% more energy than conventional compressors. Not only did the Digital Inverter Compressor’s efficiency help earn the MT12 refrigerator an Energy A rating, it means less wear and, ultimately, greater fridge reliability.

One compartment, three optimised settings

The MT12 has a Coolselect Turbo compartment that understands the difference between food groups — it offers the optimal pre-set cooling modes for meats, fruits and vegetables. Use Fresh Mode to chill juicy bunches of grapes at 3ºC, or select Soft Freeze Mode (-5C) to store succulent lamb chops without fear of freezer burn. And if your freezer is already packed, simply set the compartment to Freeze Mode (-12ºC) to preserve healthy greens such as broccoli and spinach for later enjoyment.

Separate sensors ensure ideal temperatures

Whether you’re storing meats in the freezer or vegetables in the refrigerator, Samsung’s dual sensor system helps ensure chops won’t get freezer burn, and lettuce won’t spoil as quickly. Separate sensors in the refrigerator and freezer compartments independently monitor and optimise temperature and humidity settings for ideal cooling levels — so all food items remain in peak condition, longer.

Simple inner wall design increases capacity

When it comes to maximising the capacity of the MT12 Refrigerator, no detail is overlooked, including the ductwork. Slim, non-protruding ducts and shelves that rest on grooves instead of notches free up more space for storing food. Not only do these improvements help create a more spacious interior than in conventional refrigerators, the simple inner wall design lends an elegant touch.

A slim dispenser with modern flair

Enjoy the convenience and functionality of an external water dispenser without having to compromise the aesthetic of your kitchen decor. With no protruding elements, the slim dispenser is inset to maintain the refrigerator’s sleek surface. It’s so attractive you’ll want to raise a glass of chilled water to its sophisticated style.

Cool, bright and energy saving LED light

See a difference inside the refrigerator — and on your electric bill — with LED lighting. Strategically placed on the interior sides, the LED lights illuminate every corner with a brilliancy that’s less harsh and uses up to 75% less energy than conventional light bulbs. LED lighting also emits less heat than conventional bulbs, so the refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard to compensate.

Digital Display

The external touch display lets you set cooling modes without having to open the door. Conveniently change temperature settings with just the push of a button. As sleek as the refrigerator itself, the display’s modern sophistication is perfect for today’s kitchen.

New Shelf Design

When it comes to beauty, it’s what’s inside that counts. Complementing the MT12 interior’s clean design and the exterior’s stainless steel finish are silver metallic-trimmed shelves. Whether the refrigerator is fully stocked or not, you’ll see the new shelf design shine with sophistication.

Adjustable Guard

Adjustable guards allow flexible storage on both the refrigerator and freezer doors. Guards shift up and down to accommodate items of various sizes in both compartments. Store bottled beverages and other tall items upright, and still have room for other products like yogurt or ice pop molds.

Product specifications, features and physical design may differ slightly by country