This clamshell mobile that opens up a mobile world full of vibrancy and convenience! The slim and sleek clamshell comes with colourful options to match your personal style. Adding the fun factor to your mobile experience, you can use this phone to socialise on the go ro just kick back with your favourite music on the MP3 player or FM radio.
Stay in touch with all your friends by instant messaging, emailing, posting on Facebook or Twitter, or connecting through ChatON! Everything is easily accessible thanks to the comfortably wide keypad and intuitive advanced Paragon UX!

Colourful Choices for your Slim Style

The clamshell form factor offers a stylish design thanks to its clean and sleek look and trendy colour options. Slim in profile, this mobile has a luxuriously wide form. Enjoy the expansive view and comfortable keypad whether you’re writing an email or commenting on a photo on Facebook! When not in use, the clamshell folds to compact form with a chic glossy cover. It’s portable enough to hide away in pockets or bags easily, but you’ll always want to show off this stylish beaty.

Rich Entertainment Experience

Whether you need a break or just killing time, this mobile provides you with entertainment on demand. Adding the fun factor to your mobile experience, this phone comes with a built-in MP3 player and FM radio. Listen to your favourite in your music library or if you’re in the mood for something new, tune into the latest hits played on the radio. There’s bounty of choices! Thanks to the loud built-in speaker you can share the good vibes with all your friends or listen quietly via earphones! The large LCD display, spacious keypad and Paragon UX ensure accessing all the fun features is always easy and intuitive.

Always in Touch, Always Social

This mobile is the ideal tool to keep your social life on the right track! With easy access to social networking looking sites like Facebook and Twitter, instant messaging programs, and even Samsung’s own ChatON, you’ll never be out of the loop with all your friends. Check out what your friends are up to and update your latest happenings from anywhere! Even your email, calendar and contact list are all synced with your mobile – making it easier than ever to connect with others.

Additional Features

Even without a PC nearby, you can enjoy full access to your email accounts. Set up of multiple accounts is easier than ever, so you can check all your accounts at once without encumbering login processes.


Core Widgets enable one-click easy access to useful applications. A widget like Accuweather provides convenient access to useful weather information and smartphpne like experience.

Product specifications, features and physical design may differ slightly by country