Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is a great performing mobile with a modern look that appeals to stylish users. The refined shape, premium shimmering accents and luxuriously large touch screen are so pleasing to the eye. Inside, the mobile houses a powerful 1GHz processor that handles all your mobile operations with ease. Applications load quickly and smoothly for effortless enjoyment. Backed by a large user memory, this mobile has 8times the capacity of previous mobiles, so that you can store more files and multitask.

Premium & Modern Shape

This mobile gives a premium upgrade to its modern shape by incorporating sophisticated shimmering accents, having refined, softened edges and using a chic black colour palette. The extra wide screen ensures the phone looks good on its own and even better while you're using it!

Strong & Speedy: Your Mobile At Its Best

For performance that outshines the competition, this mobile comes equipped with a powerful 1GHz processor that is able to handle advanced mobile operations with the greatest of ease. Coupled with the Android's Gingerbread OS and you have a mobile experience that is so smooth, intuitive and enjoyable, it'll seem as if everything is working by magic! And to top it all off, Wi-Fi provides the fastest speeds for browsing, downloading and connecting!

More Memory, More Enjoyment

There's room for everything in Samsung's Galaxy Ace Plus! This mobile now features a larger user memory - in fact it's 8 times larger than previous models! This means you'll be able to save music, photos or other files for easy access. Also, your mobile will be able to operate more efficiently so you can get the most out of your mobile experience.

New Mass Android Lite UX

The navigation experience on this mobile excels thanks to the upgraded GUI and TouchWiz interface. The menus and navigation screens are simplified with beautiful graphics and fonts and the TouchWiz UI lets you operate the mobile smoothly.

Social Hub

Social Hub 2.5 provides incredible access to SNS, and email through your integrated phonebook!

Chat On

ChatON is Samsung's own instant messaging service that uses phone numbers instead of usernames and passwords. ChatON enables single and multi-person conversations, multimedia file sharing and more.

Music Hub

Music Hub provides you with an easy and feature-packed way to browse and shop for music and learn more about your favorite musical artists.

Product specifications, features and physical design may differ slightly by country