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Experience the Future of Smart TV today

What is Smart TV?

The Samsung Smart TV brings you closer to the future of television. It's a TV that will completely change what you expect of a television. The TVs optimised Internet connectivity features, linking Smart Hub with Search All, Your Video, Web Browser, and Social TV, are all designed to change the way you think about television. Samsung's AllShare technology creates a wireless network for all your compatible devices.

Smart TV Microsite

Smart Hub

Smart Hub

As one of the true innovators of Smart TVs, Samsung's Smart Hub was specifically designed to enhance your Smart TV's features.

As a key driver behind the Smart TV, Smart Hub is your gateway into a new world of advanced features that will change the way you watch TV. It provides TV-optimised content that can be customised so you can enjoy it with ease and convenience.

Just like the latest smart phones, Smart Hub provides you with access to a wide selection of apps optimised for your Samsung Smart TV. Through the world’s first TV app store, you can now access your favourite content quickly and easily.

Samsung Apps

Unlimited number of Apps
Choose from a wide selection of categories such as Videos, Games, Sports, Information, Lifestyle, and Others. And as the number of apps continues to rapidly grow, your TV viewing experience will continue to get richer and more fulfilling.

Provide localised Apps
The Samsung Smart TV is the first TV that offers apps that are customised to where you live.

Easy to download
Easy to access and even easier to download, the apps for the Samsung Smart TV are a fast and convenient way to view your favourite content.

Samsung Apps

Your Video

Your Video

Let Samsung help you take the guesswork out of choosing what movie to watch with its Your Video feature. Just like many popular online retail stores and video service sites, Your Video serves up recommended movies based on the movies you've selected in the past. That means you'll always have a list of movies that you'll most likely want to watch every time you search for a movie. And after finding the movie you want to watch, you can easily access it through one of the convenient TV apps.

Search All

Search All

Enjoy the ease of searching for information or content using the convenient Search All feature on your Smart Hub. Browse for content on the web, search for files such as videos and photos on your PC, you can quickly search for content related to the program you’re watching or even access information and other features like VOD, Apps, Social Networking Services, and more!

Web Browser

Web Browsing

Why go through the hassle of turning on your PC if you want to surf the web when you can do it from your TV? With the Samsung Smart TV, you can enjoy the convenience of browsing the Internet without ever booting up your PC. The Web Browser feature has been optimised for your TV so that you can enjoy a true Internet-surfing experience, but on the big screen. And just like your PC, you can even bookmark your favourite pages which makes surfing the web that much more convenient and easy.

Social TV

Social TV

Stay connected with friends and family with Samsung’s Social TV feature. Watching TV is no longer a solitary event. With Social TV you can share your viewing experiences with friends and family through blogging and chatting services, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Talk, all while watching live TV!



Samsung's AllShare feature is a key element in the Smart TV equation. AllShare allows you to wirelessly connect your compatible mobile devices to your Smart TV so you can transfer its content to your Smart TV which is DLNA-enabled. That means you can share all of your favourite content, like movies, photos and music, between your digital devices and your Smart TV.

You'll be able to send and receive SMS messages and even see who's calling by connecting your mobile phone to your Smart TV through AllShare.

Built-in Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN

Wireless connectivity is a "must-have" for all Smart TVs. With wireless LAN built-in, you can further streamline your TV’s connectivity capabilities without adding more external devices, like LAN lines or USB dongles, and maintaining its attractive design. Moreover, this convenient feature enables you to get access to unlimited online content with ease.

And to further boost the TV's connectivity capabilities, the convenient “One Foot Connection” feature can wirelessly detect compatible devices (e.g., laptops, mobile phones, and cameras) that are placed within one foot of the TV and its wireless router.

All DLNA-compatible devices can be connected, enabling you to share information amongst various sources.

See how One Design will transform your viewing experience

One Design

Prepare yourself for a 3D experience that will literally leap off your TV screen. The Samsung Smart TVs, with One Design, are able to deliver a 3D experience with depth and realism, and Samsung's 3D Sound technology will bring home a true 3D cinematic experience with the next revolution in sound.

The enhanced 3D Auto Contrast feature produces images so real that they will immerse you into every scene. Plus, the 3D Converter feature now allows you to watch your old 2D content in eye-popping 3D. In addition, the Samsung Smart TV blurs the line between imagination and reality with its One Design. With One Design, the ultra-thin bezel of your TV and the screen elegantly combine to provide an experience that breaks the barrier between reality and what's on TV.