HDTV Adapter (MHL 3)

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Joy of a Different Scale

If you are dissatisfied with the small screen of your smartphoneor tablet PC, the HDTV Adapter (MHL 3) can be your solution. Connect MHL-enabled Samsung smartphone or tablet PC to HDTV or a monitor using HDTV Adapter (MHL 3).You can enjoy high quality video content on a large scale screen.

Joy of a Different Scale

Supporting Impressive Clear UHD

If you are annoyed using a small screen because the quality of the screen needs to be clearer, please look to the HDTV Adapter (MHL 3). With the HDTV Adapter (MHL 3)that supports ULTRA HD 4K (3840x2160) and has four times higher pixel resolution than FULL HD (1920x1080), you don’t need to worry. Now enjoy watching videos with a larger and clearer quality screen. (It operates with the highest resolution provided by your mobile devices)

Supporting Impressive Clear UHD

Connect Different Devices & Use Smartly

The HDTV Adapter (MHL 3)can be used with any HDMI supported devices. Connect to a smart TV, monitor, beam projector, and other devices to watch movies, play games, and do presentations. Use it smartly in diverse situations. Most video and audio files are able to print and you can enjoy those diverse contents more smartly as well.

Connect Different Devices & Use Smartly

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