A Sleek Notebook for Demanding Professionals

Apr 27, 2012

A Sleek Notebook for Demanding Professionals

An impressive-looking notebook PC is great for turning heads in an airport or conference room. But if you rely on your notebook to earn a living, appearance takes a backseat to performance and portability. Samsung’s Series 5 Ultra is sleek and stylish, but it’s also a tool you can count on to get your work done fast every day.

A stylish laptop stops being cool the minute it cramps your style when it comes to getting critical work done on time. Envious glances don’t mean much when you’re running out of battery life on your commute or waiting for your notebook to boot up so you can edit an important document in time for a meeting. For professionals who need their notebook to be a fully capable business tool, function takes precedence over form.

Now you don’t have to trade one for the other. The Samsung Series 5 Ultra, available with a 13- or 14-inch screen, combines performance and portability in a sleek package that might just inspire those envious glances anyway.

Take it with you. Ever leave your notebook behind because it’s too bulky or fragile? It’s not doing your career much good on the shelf. The Series 5 Ultra is extremely thin and light, but it didn’t get that way by sacrificing capabilities, performance, or durability. Its underside is made of a light material containing fiberglass that helps resist wear and damage.

No time to waste. You’ve finally tracked down that elusive colleague for a quick conversation about the revised business plan. She has only a minute to spare-but then you spend the next two minutes waiting for your laptop to start up so you can show her the relevant documents. The Series 5 Ultra features a 20-second Fast Boot so you can get right to work. For picking up where you left off, 2-second Fast Start lets you capture thoughts as they occur to you or respond immediately to an urgent email.

Room to grow. Worrying whether you have enough capacity on your notebook can lead you to leave some files behind, or email yourself only the files you know you’ll need. That can become a major stumbling block when you end up needing something unexpected (translation: about half of the time). Don’t be fooled by the Series Ultra 5’s extreme portability. It packs up to 500GB of hard disk space and up to 8GB of RAM. You’ll be fully equipped to get all your work done, wherever you are.

Skip the interruptions. Don’t be that person scrambling to find a free plug at the airport. The Series 5 Ultra’s battery lasts up to 6.5 hours without charging, so you can take advantage of your whole day. And even after 1,500 recharges-that’s more than four years of daily recharging-it will retain 70 percent of its capacity.

Clear as day. Offices are designed to make it easy to view computer screens. Outdoor cafes, not so much. The Series 5 Ultra comes with a 13- or 14-inch anti-reflective display that shows vivid text and images even in bright daylight.

Beauty with a purpose. Image isn’t everything, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. The Series 5 Ultra’s polished look means you’ll never hesitate to bring it out at an important meeting or lunch with clients.

Your notebook is an essential business tool. Why choose a model that delivers only half of what you want? The Series 5 Ultra combines sleek design and outstanding performance for uncompromising professionals.