A Solid State Drive Speeds Home Computing

Feb 27, 2014

A Solid State Drive Speeds Home Computing

Gaming, photo and video editing, blogging, multitasking: Your home computing hinges on speed and efficiency as much as your workplace computing does. Replacing your PC’s hard drive with a Samsung solid state drive can boost your computing efforts with exceptional—and exceptionally reliable—performance.

Technical professionals know the value of using a solid state hard drive (SSD) in their PCs. But anyone can use an SSD to take his or her gaming, blogging, videography, or home office multi-tasking to new levels of speed and efficiency.

When you upgrade your home desktop’s or laptop’s conventional hard disk drive (HDD) to a Samsung SSD, your entire family will experience faster program response times and other benefits that will save you time and enhance your computer experiences. An SSD can free you up to do more of what you like to do—even if what you like to do is play computer games!

Solid State for Faster Performance

An SSD is a data storage mechanism that works differently than the HDDs that come standard in most computers. Where an HDD uses a spinning disk and moving drive head to read and write data, an SSD is pure circuitry, with no internal moving parts. The main benefit of an SSD is that it takes less time to access its memory than an HDD does, which means you experience quicker response times. For example, the Samsung SSD 840 Series boots up your computer three times faster than an HDD does.

SSD for Everyone in the House

Everyone could use a faster computer. The Samsung SSD is easy to install, so anyone in the household can get the drive operating quickly. Here’s how a solid state drive can meet the diverse needs of a whole family:

The avid gamer. Gamers will love the solid state drive’s quick loading time. And whether the house gamer is into Pokémon or World of Warcraft, she or he will notice a winning difference as the SSD delivers smooth, lag-free playing.

The family photographer/videographer. With an SSD, the designated family chronicler will be able to load photo editing programs twice as quickly as with an HDD, and render video clips 30 percent faster than with a conventional drive. Having a solid state drive can also help you get the family reunion album or first-birthday video completed and out to the family and friends in no time, leaving more time for other enjoyments.

The social media maven. Keeping social media and blogs fresh means staying abreast of quickly changing content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr—all your social media apps—as well as editing photos and cutting and pasting content created in a variety of other programs. The efficiency of an SSD speeds all the processes related to content creation.

The home office worker. Whether you’re launching your PowerPoint sales pitch or searching for that critical email, the Samsung SSD starts applications and processes files faster, and then lets you multitask without slowdown. And when business takes you away from the house, your documents and data are safer: Since the SSD has no moving parts, it’s less susceptible to damage from physical shock than an HDD. Samsung SSDs feature superior reliability from the world’s top maker of SSD components, and are backed by a three-year limited warranty.

With advantages in speed, efficiency, and reliability, a Samsung SSD can improve all your home computing tasks. Your only remaining challenge might be finding a time that no one else in the family is using it!