Create Special Memories of Milestone Events

Dec 19, 2011

A girl about to blow out candles on a cake

Are you planning to travel to a destination wedding, family reunion, or other big celebration? Make it even more special by packing items that can help you create unique mementos on the go. For example, a portable optical disc drive lets you create CDs and DVDs to share with family and friends.

Make Special Events More Fun

When you travel to a special social event, chances are you automatically bring your camera along. After all, the photos will stay with you long after the event is over. But packing a few other items can help you create memories that are even more, well, memorable.

Whether you’re headed to a wedding, anniversary, reunion, birthday, company retreat, retirement party, or just a long-awaited vacation, a little creativity can help you capture the unique spirit of the event. Here are some ideas:

  • • Bring blown-up headshots of invited guests who couldn’t make the event. Encourage other guests to pose for photos with them.

  • • For a more elegant touch, bring a copy of the invitation so you can photograph it at a table setting or near a floral arrangement.

  • • Think of a quirky item from the past—such as a ratty concert T-shirt, an old sports uniform, or a stuffed animal—that reminds you of the hosts or the guests of honor. Bring it and let guests hold it (or even wear it) in pictures.

Get Creative with a Portable Optical Disc Drive

A laptop computer opens up a world of other options for memory-making. If your laptop isn’t equipped with an optical disc drive (ODD), bring a portable one and blank discs. Samsung offers compact, lightweight ODDs built for travel. They run at maximum speed on USB power, so you don’t have to pack an adapter or power cord.

An ODD lets you burn photo discs or music CDs right on the spot. Or if you’re capturing the event with a video camera, you can create a casual DVD with just a little editing. You don’t have to be a talented—or even competent—photographer, moviemaker, or DJ to create mementos your friends and family will treasure long after they’ve returned home.

Not sure what to put on your souvenir discs? Think about other guests who might want to contribute their talents or creativity—the more people you include, the more fun creating the discs will be. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • • A montage of photos and videos backed with a playlist of music from the event

  • • A corporate-style slide show with photos from the event and charts depicting poll results—sample question: Who delivered last night’s worst karaoke performance?

  • • A fake documentary about the event—extremely serious narration is optional

  • • Your own dance competition “TV show” with video clips of some of the weekend’s best (or funniest) dancers, complete with ratings from judges

Instant Memories that Last a Lifetime

Sure, you could wait until you’re back home to begin creating your mementos. But doing so while everyone is gathered together can become a big part of the enjoyment. On a more practical note, you won’t have to track down everyone’s mailing address to send them a copy.

However you decide to preserve your memories, have fun with the process and don’t worry about creating a polished, professional record of the event. After all, it’s often the surprises, imperfections, and mishaps that friends and family remember the longest—and the most fondly.