• Central access: Get instant access to apps, photos, videos, Web browsers and more, all from a single location, with Smart Hub. Surf the Web, watch Internet videos, and play your favourite gaming apps—it’s all available on your TV.
  • Content suggestions: Discover new TV shows, movies, and more with innovative S Recommendation technology, which builds a base of suggested content based on your previous viewing habits and user ratings.
  • Easy connectivity: Easily connect your other devices to your home theatre via Samsung AllShare, to gain access to all of your content in one place. No more getting out your laptop to look up a quick fact on the Internet, or pulling out your smartphone to show off a video—it’s all accessible right there on your TV.
  • Streaming: Access even more on-demand content by streaming videos via Facebook, YouTube, and more.
  • Wi-Fi: Don’t stress about stringing wires all over your entertainment space. Built-in Wi-Fi means fewer cords and cables, and direct Web access through your TV.

Beyond Smart

  • Warm, rich sound: Vacuum tube technology produces a uniquely full-bodied tone while reducing ambient noise. Plus, its soft glow through the transparent window gives the amplifier a charmingly retro—but distinctly modern—look.
  • Increased sound resolution: A Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier delivers pure sound by reducing noise and distortion, to double sound resolution from 384kHz to 768kHz.
  • Minimised distortion: Crystal Amplifier Plus filters sound sources twice to minimise distortion and deliver clear sound, exactly the way it was meant to be heard.
  • Reduced vibration: Get dynamic, rich bass tones with a low-vibration subwoofer to enhance low-frequency sound.
  • Clearer audio: Rely on the CPID (ceramic polypropylene injection diaphragms) speaker unit for better high-frequency sound and overall clearer audio.
  • True 3D sound: DTS Neo-Fusion processing features seven-channel surround sound to deliver better depth, and isolated stereo channels to give the impression that audio comes from different areas of your room. It even provides virtual overhead audio, for 3D sound without an awkwardly placed speaker.
  • Wireless rear speaker: Achieve a true surround-sound experience without a tangle of wires.

Though a Smart Home Theatre packs a ton of exciting features on its own, it was designed to be the perfect counterpart for the Samsung Smart TV lineup. But until you’re ready for an upgrade, count on your Smart Home Theatre system to bring you some of the best features of Smart TV—without the Smart TV.

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