Good news for clumsy phone owners

Dec 19, 2011

Woman outdoor examining Samsung mobile phone

We drop them, we throw them in the back seat of the car and we leave them in our back pockets when we sit down… Mobile phones are certainly engrained in our daily lives but are we showing them enough care and attention. The reality is that we are now using mobile phones more than ever and there is a real need tougher and more rugged phones that can cope with our modern lifestyle.

Whether it is out dancing in a club, working on a construction site or climbing a mountain, our mobile phones now seem to go with us everywhere we go. For this reason, designing mobile phones with enhanced protective features has become essential.

Shock proof

It doesn’t take long to earn your first scratch on your mobile phone. Thankfully, certain mobile phones have adopted new robust casings that are ideal in minimising the damage we cause. Using materials that comply with the international standard known as MIL-STD-810, your mobile phone can withstand blowing rain, shock, salt fog, humidity, water, immersion, solar radiation, vibration and extreme temperature. So, if you looking to live life to the fullest, you will need a mobile phone that’s loaded with shockproof technology, like the Samsung Solid Endurance and the Solid Immerse.

Water proof

Dropping your mobile phone into any form of liquid, be it the pool or a glass of coca cola, was once a grave situation. It usually resulted in the purchase of a new phone. With the IP57 rating, your mobile phone is now water-proof when dropped into any depth of water between 15cm and 1 metre. Although this isn’t a huge depth, it will most likely off-set most accidents, from bath tubs and kitchen sinks to puddles and glasses, and will keep your mobile phone up and running.

Dust proof

There is almost no where dust can’t get, and therefore can be quite destructive when it comes to electronic devices. And what’s even worse, there’s no way to stop it… or is there? Mobile phones that come with the IP57 rating are perfect for preventing dust infiltrating the inner workings. This helps in maintain the integrity of internal elements such as the circuitry, which is normally so easily affected, and is one sure way to prevent dust affecting your mobile phone performance.