Laundry Innovations for Greener Cleaning

Jun 26, 2012

Laundry Innovations for Greener Cleaning

While superior washing performance remains the number-one goal, Samsung is proud to introduce exciting energy-saving innovations on some of its newest washing machines. Samsung’s EcoBubbleTM technology and the new Digital Inverter Motor will help you go green while achieving the ultimate deep-clean for your family’s laundry.

Getting your clothes ultra-clean doesn’t have to mean outrageous energy consumption. The water- and electricity-hogging machines of yesteryear have been replaced by new, more intelligent models that use energy in a smarter way. Innovative Samsung washing machines deliver improved performance with decreased energy use.

Wash Gently, Save Energy

What if your washing machine could make your laundry detergent work more effectively? That’s exactly what Samsung’s EcoBubble technology does.

A special bubble generator dissolves the detergent thoroughly—even at cooler temperatures—and injects it with air to produce a rich, soapy foam. This foam penetrates clothes more quickly than water-dissolved detergent and cleans as effectively as a warmer standard cycle would, saving both time and energy.*

The foam serves another purpose: It protects your fabrics against wear. The fast-penetrating foam means that less agitation is required to get your clothes deeply clean, keeping them looking newer for longer. The EcoBubble foam even protects specialised outdoor clothing like rain and snow gear, which often loses its water-repellent attributes over time.

A More Durable and Efficient Motor

A washing machine’s special features and custom options may get most of the buzz, but the motor remains the heart of the machine. Samsung has innovated a new use for an existing type of motor to bring more efficiency and durability to its washing machines.

The brushless Digital Inverter Motor is commonly used in electronics that demand precise speed control. In the past, this category has included delicate items like computer disk drives, videocassette recorders, laser printers, and photocopiers. But now, Samsung has tailored the technology to bring the same precision to your washing machine.

Digital Inverter Motors run much cooler than conventional washing machine motors, resulting in lower operating costs. In addition to energy savings, fewer moving parts means that the lifespan of a Digital Inverter Motor is typically significantly longer than that of a conventional motor. In fact, Samsung provides a 10-year warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor of its new-generation washing machines.

While increasing energy efficiency and durability, the digital inverter motor decreases noise output. This smoother and quieter operation lets you wash clothes even at night without disturbing your household.

Eco-friendly innovations that actually improve washing performance? Sounds like good news for your family and the environment.

*Washing performance and energy-saving benefits were measured in independent third-party tests conducted on the WF1124 and WF0804 models (4kg load), based on the IEC60456 standard and the following testing conditions: half load, Samsung cotton program (40 degrees C) vs. Super Eco program (15 degrees C). Actual results may vary, depending on the model and environmental conditions.