Streamlined From the Start

Design and Engineering Innovations

  • Single-shell body. The Series 9 was built with CNC engineering, an ultraprecise method allowing the chassis to be carved from a single piece of aluminum. It feels solid because it is solid. Conventionally built laptops, which are pieced together from a mix of plastic and metal parts and molding, can’t achieve this light-yet-sturdy quality.

  • Ultra-slim, tailor-made components. The strongest, most elegantly designed shell is useless if it houses substandard parts. The extraordinarily thin and light Series 9 would have been impossible with run-of-the-mill components. Instead, each part was customised to fit perfectly into the thin, single-shell body. Everything from the LCD screen to the fan was designed to achieve the highest possible performance-to-size ratio.

  • Compact chassis, maximum screen size. Get an extra inch of screen without increasing the notebook’s size, thanks to the Series 9’s MaxScreen—a 15-inch screen that fits comfortably into a standard 14-inch notebook chassis. You’ll see more of what you’re doing without sacrificing portability.

  • Solid-state drive. In keeping with its streamlined vision, the Series 9 uses an SSD drive (either 128GB or 256GB) instead of a traditional hard disk drive. SSDs are much faster and more durable because they don’t have moving parts.

  • A thoroughbred workhorse. Pride of ownership won’t get your work done for you. You also demand a machine with capabilities just as advanced as its build quality. Measured by the PCMark 7 performance benchmark, the Series 9 scored far above the average for ultraportables. The Series 9 easily runs multiple applications at once without slowing down or generating excessive heat. The battery lasts up to 10 hours—long enough to handle your toughest workdays.

  • Amazingly fast boot and start. The Series 9 boots up in just 9.1 seconds and wakes from hibernation in just 1.4 seconds.

An ambitious design philosophy doesn’t always translate into real-world excellence. But in the case of the Series 9 laptop, you’ll experience its focus on quality and simplicity every day.

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