Professional Displays Knowledge Centre

Dec 19, 2011

Professional Displays Knowledge Center

Knowledge is Power Big purchases, however exciting, pose certain challenges. Researching everything you need to know to make the right decision (at the right price) can be the toughest part. As a response to this all-too-common struggle for information, Samsung have created various guides and brochures for everything you’ll need to know about Professional Displays to buy with confidence and peace of mind.

Published September 16, 2010

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High-Brightness Displays

Bigger, stronger, faster: Those aren’t just ideal qualities for a superhero. When it comes to digital signage outdoors—or inside, bathed in sunlight—those virtues are also imperative for the screen. Although traditional commercial-grade screens work well under fluorescent light, the addition of bright light or sunlight can cause extensive damage to them—if they’re even legible at all. That’s no good.

Video Walls

Once found exclusively at trade shows, video walls are becoming more prevalent due to better technology and cost effectiveness. More common in “command-and-control” situations, such as security or traffic control, video walls are also popping up as a trend in retail settings, and even in residential and commercial buildings. Recent applications include immersive ambient entertainment centres, welcoming communications devices, and advertising media.

In “Video walls: The changing face of over-sized displays,” you can learn how Samsung is changing the look, cost, and longevity of video display walls with patented technology. Seeing examples of current uses might inspire you to use video walls for sharing information with your employees and customers.

Commercial Grade Screens

Whether you operate a digital sign in your office lobby to welcome clients, or in an airport terminal to be seen by thousands, the type of screen you choose is crucial to data and video input, lifespan, and cost effectiveness.

In the Knowledge Centre, we offer the top five reasons to buy commercial-grade screens for digital signage. You’ll learn the difference between commercial and consumer grade screen enclosures, inputs and hardware, and how all three affect performance. And before you decide to purchase a screen for commercial use, you can learn about warranty differences and how extra amenities can help not only with panel longevity, but overall savings.