What are Rear Wireless Speakers?

Dec 19, 2011

Samsung home entertainment system with rear wireless speakers

No more unsightly wires—Until now, wireless has never been an option for those with high home-entertainment standards. Speaker cable was required to achieve maximum audio quality, no matter how complicated the wiring or unsightly the cables. Enter rear wireless speakers — the choice is no longer between form and function; now you can have both.

Published: September 16, 2010

Surround Yourself

The beauty of modern home entertainment is the ability to recreate the theatre experience at home. Essential to achieving that is the extra dimension that rear speakers provide. They create a sense of space that lets you know where a sound is coming from.

Originally the exclusive domain of the technophile, rear speakers have evolved from luxury to necessity. Though their effects can be subtle, they are in many ways the key to a truly outstanding home audio system.

Free Yourself

The days of running speaker wires underneath the rug or underneath the floor are over. No more complicated connections. Once you find placement for your rear wireless receiver in the back of the room, all you’ll need is a simple speaker wire from that rear receiver to the rear speakers. Wireless speakers give you the freedom to sculpt sound however you wish, adjusting speaker placement for optimal acoustics.