Samsung Level Box


  • Enjoy the sound anytime, anywhere you want
  • Every details of original sound and powerful bass
  • More Convenient Connection
  • Intuitive Button design

Samsung Level Box

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Enjoy the sound anytime, anywhere you want

Enjoy the sound anytime, anywhere you want
The chic minimalism Wireless Speaker is a small size and light in weight (600 g), so it is easy to carry putting it in a bag anytime and anywhere. It is suitable for easily carrying around your living room, office, camping sites, etc., so you can experience ample sound in a variety of environments. It is made of attractive Full Metal Grille –with Brilliant Design and high durability - and Brushed Metal material. Anytime you can enjoy rich and full stereo sound with other people. It has a built-in rechargeable battery for enjoying music outside for a long time so that you can play the multimedia sound up to 15 hours. Share the pleasure via Wireless Speaker for long hours.

Every details of original sound and powerful bass

Every details of original sound and powerful bass
A precisely designed passive radiator in a 56 mm speaker delivers detailed original sound and powerful bass. It allows you to appreciate music sound in any genre. Using 3D sound system of speaker, you can enjoy stereophonic sound for not only music but also games and movies.
More Convenient Connection

More Convenient Connection

No more worries to connect your devices. This Speaker provides wireless connection in two ways. One is using NFC function. touch the Wireless on Wireless Speaker with your mobile device that has NFC feature. The other one is using Bluetooth function. When you just press the Bluetooth connection button, Wireless Speaker will be connected with your mobile device quickly and easily. If your device doesn't have Bluetooth function, you can still connect it with a 3.5 mm audio cable.
Intuitive Button design

Intuitive Button design

Intuitive button design on the Wireless Speaker offers easy and simple control. Buttons for Play, Stop, Volume up and down, Receive or off phone call and Bluetooth are available.



  • Bluetooth

    Bluetooth 3.0


  • Standby Time

    Up to 2,000 Hours
  • Talk Time

    Up to 15 Hours (Default Volume)

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