With our REACH solution, our range of elegant LED Hospitality Displays will change the face of the hotel business. Programme guides, logos and hotel information can be uploaded remotely or room-by-room, with no need for a separate set-top box.

An Efficient Solution For Building Your Brand

Samsung REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) is a specialised solution for hotels that need an efficient hospitality contents service. Its simple user interface and editing tool enables you to display hotel information, corporate images and logos, and Electronic Programme Guides through existing RF signals. There is no need for a separate set-top box or investing in new IP infrastructure, making it easy to install and saving your business money.

Easy management tool

Your business aims to provide a superlative experience for your hotel guests, but the last thing you need is to spend time, money and resources training your staff to deal with complex technology. Our easy-to-manage software helps you optimise your operational efficiency with minimal disruption to guests. Installation and set-up is quick and easy, while software upgrades and settings can be configured remotely from a central location, making you more effective and your guests more comfortable. Its easy-to-use editing tool facilitates the uploading and editing of content.

Hotel Info, Logo, EPG Display

Our years of experience in developing Hospitality Displays will help you balance the needs of your guests with the needs of your business. REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) allows you to do this with its simple user interface that brings minimal disruption to guests as it enables you to control all your televisions centrally. In addition, REACH lets you utilise coaxial cable and use existing IP infrastructure without needing external set-top boxes and cabling, saving you time and cost and making installation easy.

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