The Smart Widget solution in our Hospitality Displays lets you deliver customised content like hotel menus, smart hubs direct to your guests’ TV screen, helping build your business by adding value to your in-room information. Applications such as IP network will be able to provide IPTV channels and customised content solutions. There is no need for an external STB as the integrated set-top box and user-friendly CMS allow you to update the TV Firmware from a central location, saving you time and money.

An Integrated Hospitality Display

Give your guests access to premium interactive services while cutting costs for your business. With our Smart Widget solution there is no need to install and maintain an external set-top box. The controlling unit is integrated into the main unit, thus saving money.

IP channel (Live Multicast)

Our simple content management system allows you to keep control of the displays with the minimum amount of hassle by letting you create and edit channel lists quickly and easily. Thanks to the availability of our channel mapping feature, your system can be configured to suit your business. You can configure and edit genres, paid or non-paid channels as well as in-room channels.

Sophisticated UI

Our sophisticated user interface supports your business by prioritising flexibility. With three types of interface equipped with variable themes you can create your hotel's own customised portal. The advanced UI makes sure that your guest has their own unique experience.

TV Monitoring and Management

Using the IP network, managers can turn TVs on or off remotely, and control firmware updates from a central location, saving your business time and effort. They can also manage the CMS status via IP network as well as monitor the status of check-ins and check-outs.

Customised service (Group/Individual)

We help you provide a special and personal service to each of your guests via our Hospitality Displays. Televisions can be configured to display content, channels and messages to individual rooms or to the entire hotel, allowing you the flexibility to deliver a uniquely personalised and attentive service to your guests.

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